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Kortrijk, Thursday 19 October 2017- Press conference day 2- Electric buses, Global visions, and the future of your daily journey

09:00: The press are gathered for the first conference of the day. Volvo’s new developments are on display. Situated on pride of show is Volvo’s new 7900 model - ‘so much more than an electric bus’- the company is positioning the new model as an enabler for the sustainable development of public transport.

Volvo wants to make it clear that the 7900 Electric can redefine environmental care. This bus will not only develop public transport and grow a sustainable city but also be a more responsible use of energy and money. A win-win according to the crowd of reporters!

Bonus points to Volvo for the breakfast on offer!

10:00: Scania: ‘moving people. Changing minds’. Senior figures from the company discussed the buses on show and their views about the future. With messages including ‘Time To Clear The Air’ – a vision of clean and low carbon Euro 6 solutions for all types of bus operation – to ‘Cities Have Their Own Logic. Do The Math’ – taking in to consideration the size, layout, geography, climate and economy of a city to deliver the best public transport, Scania is looking to the future. And that future includes some warm looking buses!

Bonus points to Scania for providing the best pastries so far!

10:30: A quick dash across to Hall 6 where Van Hool is stationed. The champagne is making the rounds as the crowd gathers for the launch. The basis of Van Hool’s press conference is the launch of their new Glider bus in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Labelled as ‘the new, effortless and smooth way to travel in Belfast’, Glider services will commence in September 2018 with 30 taking to the streets of the capital city.

Van Hool considers the Glider ‘a modern, state of the art, accessible public transport service’. The bus was officially unveiled by the current Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Nuala McAllister. The Lord Mayor, running on a platform of ‘Global Belfast’ throughout her term, pulled off the veil to reveal the Glider bus in all its glory! The city of Belfast working with a global company such as Van Hool is sure to contribute towards that global dream.

12:00: Iveco hosts a press conference that included everything! The presentation of awards, trapeze artists, unveiling new buses, dancing entertainment, a minibus launch, live jazz to accompany a brilliant lunch—Iveco knows how to put on a show! And the press were listening attentively.

Iveco is launching new products this year at Busworld - making it its biggest launch since 2013. The company is working across multiple territories with more efficiency, better data use, and digitalisation as key factors. They pledge to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and they recognise the problems faced by moving from diesel – but they are committed to renewables moving forward. Fighting global warning and a commitment to sustainability is key.

There are now 800 trolleybuses in Europe with the Crealis model recently delivered. Iveco is the winner of the Coach of the Year award 2016 and the Minibus of the Year award 2017. They were also presented with the IBC 2017 award for their Crossway low entry bus live on stage. Iveco is the first manufacturer to offer operators and authorities IT4PT solution on all its models.

Congratulations Iveco for looking to the future! And for a great lunch along the way!

14:30: Solaris Bus & Coach is the first press conference to go bilingual. Headsets were provided for translations of all the various languages spoken by the speakers. Solaris also delivered a great goodie bag and the best coffee by a mile. There’s a clean, effortless feel to the Solaris voice. Smooth and fresh – they know their message and they hope it spreads. The senior figures here know many names from UITP – a delightful member.

Solaris is an independent manufacturer of buses, trolleybuses and trams – and the company is still 100% owned by the founding Olszewska family. This endearing reminder goes down well with the transport reporters.

Solaris is launching the Urbino Electric, the Urbino 10.5 and the new Solaris 12 hybrid. Solaris vehicles have been sold to 32 countries with over 600 customers. 2017 is a record year for Solaris with over 1400 units sold. Statistics galore – but progress such as this should be promoted!

Day 2 is over. A great deal was on display. Many voices wishing to be heard. Each UITP member holding a press conference had a lot to say – and from the looks of the press, their message was well and truly heard!