Day 2

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SESSION 1 9:00-10:00

09h00: Plenary Session 2: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

The first plenary of Day 2 begins. UITP Knowledge & Membership Services Director Sylvain Haon is chairing the debate. We have an esteemed panel on the floor this morning – first up to the podium is Clement Lucchesi, Project Manager with the RATP Group, Paris.

Mr Lucchesi is discussing the ‘Intelligent Garage’: the automation of bus parking procedures in a bus depot. Mr Lucchesi shares a video with the audience of a demonstration of such procedures. Great advancements on show!

Up next is Louise Piednoir. Ms Piednoir is Head of Group Innovation & Digital Projects in Lyon, France. Ms Piednoir is discussing autonomous mobility. In particular, a feedback on autonomous shuttles services implantation. We must look at autonomy as a technology, the audience are told.  Autonomy is part of the mobility of the future and buses will be part of integrating this technology. This is important information and the audience agrees.

Next to speak is Philippe Veyrunes, Market & Portfolio Director – Infrastructure, Alstom, France. Mr Veyrunes is discussing SRS: Alstom’s innovative ground-based static charging system for tramways and electric buses. Another video on show for the morning audience. A great idea for a 9am start!

Mr Veyrunes is discussing automatic fast-charging solutions; ground-based solutions vs. overheard solutions, by contact vs. inductive solutions and also the proven, safe and reliable technology.

Alstom is part of UITP working group supporting CENELEC for electric bus charging systems standardisation.

Sylvain Haon thanks our great speakers and invites questions from the audience. This is an important discussion and those gathered seem to agree – the questions are flowing!