The Conference will address your strategic needs and give answers to your daily operational questions.

Inspiring sessions will be delivered in a variety of formats from talks to moderated round-table discussions, as well as workshops.

*Programme available in spanish 

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Monday 23 October

Tuesday 24 October

Wednesday 25 October

Opening - Plenary Session: Journey towards integrated electric bus systems

Plenary session: Connected & Autonomous vehicles

CEO Session: Digitalisation & connected bus

Moving conference sessions in Zero emission Bus

Dialogue seminar: Rethinking bus procurement models to achieve greater fleet flexibility, and faster implementation of new technology
Co-organised by Ruter, Public Transport Norway and UITP


Roundtable 1 Successful operation of electric bus systems in the real world

Roundtable 2 Financing strategies and economics of electric bus systems: Before & after

Roundtable 3 In pursuit of clean bus technologies: An insight into the Industry vision

Lunch & Exhibition visit
Lunch & Exhibition visit
Lunch & Exhibition visit
14.00 – 15.30
Rollout of large fleet e-bus operations Operational concepts for electric buses

Parellel Session 1: eBus Projects achievements and plans

Description of activities results from ZeEUS, EBSF_2, ELIPTIC ASSURED, JIVE/JIVE2

Improving customer experience for bus passengers  What’s new with BRT?

Parallel Session 2: eBus performances

Description of the results from ZeEUS, ELIPTIC, JIVE-CHIC, EBSF_2 

Contracting for efficient bus networks Digitalisation and bus maintenance  
16.00 – 17.30
Growth of electric buses in China Contracting and franchising models in the bus sector
Rethinking service definition and bus networking design Workshop: Designing buses for the future Closing Words of R&I Day 
When is bus the right mode? Flexible bus transport and new service concepts  
Welcome reception Networking dinner
Get-together drink and Farewell

Exhibition Open until 19.00


* Organised in conjunction with the UITP-Busworld International Bus Conference